SoE Windwalker

Artwork of the Windwalker.

The Windwalker is a flying machine invented by Tinker Tinderbox.


Tinker finished completing the Windwalker at the same approximate time the Hero arrived in Ebon Keep. After Mungola was defeated, Tinker revealed his invention to the hero and told him he had plans to send the hero into space to reach Omnitopia. To aid the hero in gathering the parts needed to build a rocket, Tinker allowed them to use the Windwalker.

After the hero went to Omnitopia, Tinker retained use of the Windwalker for his own use. In the ending, he is seen taking Gomi flying with it.


The Windwalker is able to move freely on the world map, though it can only ascend so high. When descended close enough to the ground, the view shifts from third-person to an overhead view, to allow the player more precise movement relative to the ground.

The Windwalker can only land in designated clearings marked by fire pits visible from the air. The landing spots are as follows:


It is possible to lose the Windwalker. Far in the north-east corner of the map, attempting to land the craft will send the player back to Tinker's lab, but with the Windwalker gone forever. If the player saves the game at this time, it is impossible to proceed unless the player has all the components for the rocket.


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"High in the Sky"
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