The Western Bank is a region in Antiqua. It is located far west of Crustacia and east of Horace's Camp. It connects to the Hall of Collosia and the Great Pyramid.


When the Hero first arrives at Crustacia, the recent flood from the eruption of the Volcano had destroyed a bridge across the river, denying access.

Later, the hero travelled across the Western Bank to reach the Hall of Collosia and the Great Pyramid. The Dog was able to leap across the ruined bridge to retrieve a lift bridge the hero could ride across.


Note that some of these items require the Bronze Axe to smash the rocks barring access to them.



The alchemist can be found on the riverbank, living in a cave that requires the Bronze Axe to access. The alchemist gives the player Drain, and later after defeating Aegis, Double Drain. This alchemist is the first to stock Ethanol, the others being in Gothica, where their prices are more expensive. Until the player reaches Omnitopia, this alchemist sells the cheapest Ethanol.

Ethanol 100 Jewels
Root 60 Jewels
Water 50 Jewels
Wax 100 Jewels