The Volcano Slopes is a region in Prehistoria. It is located directly north of the Mammoth Graveyard and connects to the Swamp. The region is mountainous, with geysers of hot water that shoot rocks into the air, and the hills filled with caves and pitfalls.


The Hero and his Dog came to the slopes to find a way into the Volcano. At the summit, an alchemist that had set up shop there advised the safest way into the Volcano was at the base of it, in the Northern Jungle. The alchemist gave them the Levitate formula to move the boulder that blocked the cave there, and told them to go to the Swamp to find Mud Peppers needed to use the formula.

Later, the hero returned here to find the Gauge needed to build Tinker Tinderbox's rocket.






The item merchant is in the cave directly north of the entrance to the Swamp, in the south-west.

Petal 30 Talons
Nectar 200 Talons
Pixie Dust 200 Talons


The alchemist is located in the Volcano crater, atop the mountain. He gives the player the Levitate formula. Upon the player returning from Gothica, the alchemist is gone; he presumably was killed or fled when the Volcano erupted.

Ash 40 Talons
Clay 30 Talons
Water 40 Talons
Wax 50 Talons