The Volcano is a region in Prehistoria. It is located in the northern regions of the area, north of Fire Eyes' Village. A cave inside the Volcano is in the Northern Jungle.


The people of Fire Eyes' Village rely on the heat of the Volcano to survive, but recently it has begun to cool, and Raptors and Vipers have begun to roam the Volcano's outskirts. Finding the source of these problems is the main story arc of Prehistoria.

The Hero and his Dog journeyed into the Volcano and found an evil clone of Elizabeth was the one who had taken control of the dinosaurs, and intended to cause an ice age to kill off Elizabeth and her people so the dinosaurs could take over the region. The clone sicced her "pet rock," Magmar, on the hero, but Magmar was destroyed. Angered, the clone overloaded the Volcano, causing it to erupt and catapult the hero into Antiqua.

The debris from the Volcano landed in the Bugmuck and on the Volcano Slopes. The hero later had to return to Prehistoria to search for debris to use to build Tinker Tinderbox's rocket.




  • Mud Pepper (defeat Viper Commander)
  • 900 Talons (defeat Magmar)


Main ChamberEdit



Boiler RoomEdit

Volcano Map - Boiler


In the cave in the Volcano with a single pot with Water in it, there is a hidden passage in the walls of the room that lead to a hidden alchemist that teaches the Speed formula.


After defeating Magmar, the interior of the Volcano becomes inaccessible. Using cheat codes to re-enter it, all enemies will be gone from the main chamber, but they are still in the side rooms, and the Viper Commander miniboss will spawn normally if the player goes through the rooms to where it would appear. This also means the player can still find the man that teaches the Speed spell and learn it from him.

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