The Viper Commander is a reptilian enemy found in Prehistoria. It is a stronger breed of Viper. Two are fought, one at the Mammoth Graveyard and another in the Volcano. The one at the Mammoth Graveyard is intelligent and speaks to the player.


The first Viper Commander stays on top of the mammoth skull overlooking the fight. Occasionally it descends and rolls into the crystal in front of the skull, shaking the area to damage the player no matter their location. Attacking the Viper Commander before it does this will make it retreat atop the skull without attacking. Once all four Vipers are dead, the Commander comes down permanently to fight the player.

The second Viper Commander, and the first Commander once it descends, are little more than normal Vipers with increased stats including double the HP. If the player is used to fighting the Vipers without difficulty, the Commanders will pose little threat.

The second Viper Commander will respawn if the area is revisited, allowing it to be farmed for experience, money, and Mud Peppers. Given the fair ease in fighting it against the rewards, the player may wish to do so before moving on to Antiqua.

Player ImprovementEdit

Viper Commanders reward a substantial number of experience and Talons for minibosses. The first Viper Commander drops the Horn Spear, the second drops a Mud Pepper necessary to explore the Volcano further.

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