Verminator is a large rat that lives in Ebon Keep Castle. He is the self-declared "king of the rats" and has claimed the castle in the name of vermin everywhere.


Verminator (Concept Art)

Concept art.

Verminator is perhaps the most difficult boss in the game. He sits atop a stack of crates, out of range of normal attacks, and bombards the player with powerful alchemy formulas, including Explosion, Acid Rain, Plague, and Drain. Not only do these attacks do heavy damage, but they may interrupt the player's healing attacks, overwhelming them.

The player must use alchemy or a powered-up spear for this fight. If they have levelled up the Lance won from Timberdrake, it is particularly effective. Otherwise, powerful alchemy spells can, in an ironic twist, interrupt the Verminator's own alchemy, potentially halting his attacks if the player is keen to keep bombarding him. Fortunately, Verminator's defenses are non-existent, so the player can deal heavy damage to him.

Player ImprovementEdit

Verminator rewards the player with 1,050 experience and 1,000 Gold Coins upon his defeat. The player also receives the Bazooka if it is not owned yet, along with 10 Thunderball ammo. If it is owned, the player receives Shining Armor. And if both are owned, the player finds a stash of 5,000 coins.


Face and Verminator are the only two bosses in Evermore that only attack through alchemy spells and thus both have no way of dealing physical damage.