Tinker Tinderbox is an alchemist and inventor that lives in Gothica.


When the Hero came to Ebon Keep on the orders of Queen Bluegarden in Ivor Tower, Tinker introduced him to the real Queen, who explains the Queen of Ivor Tower was her evil twin. Tinker agreed to help the hero stop the Queen, and sent him to meet his brother Gomi for aid.

Upon the hero's return with the evil Queen's defeat, Tinker unveiled his new flying machine, the Windwalker. Tinker had mastered flight and sought to conquer space next, and was building a rocket to send the hero to Omnitopia. He needed several parts for this: a Wheel, a Gauge, and for a power source, the Diamond Eyes. Tinker allowed the hero to use the Windwalker to explore Evermore to find these materials.

The hero eventually retrieved all the items and Tinker completed his rocket. It fired successfully, sending the hero to Omnitopia.

In the ending, Tinker pleads for Camellia not to leave him, but she flees with the hero as Evermore begins to destroy itself. He is seen walking away from a speech the King is giving, and taking Gomi flying with the Windwalker.


Tinker's lab contains the Slow Burn formula on a bookshelf and the Explosion formula on a table. After returning from Omnitopia, the Nitro formula can be found on the same table. Tinker is the only NPC that provides (indirectly) the player with three different Alchemy formulas.


Tinker also sells alchemy ingredients to the player.

Acorn 120 Gold Coins
Ash 60 Gold Coins
Brimstone 160 Gold Coins
Ethanol 100 Gold Coins

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"Tinker Tinderbox"
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  • In the ending he refers to Camellia as "my sweet," and his overall actions imply he is in love with her.

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