Stone Cobras are large, stone statues in the Great Pyramid. They resemble normal statues, but upon the player's approach, the masonry surrounding the head will crumble, exposing a dangerous cobra head.


Stone Cobras can be found in the Great Pyramid guarding passageways, often in groups of two or three. They strike extremely quickly when the player comes close, and will always inflict poison on successful strikes. However, they are immobile, and can only attack directly in front of them. Their attack speed is one of the lowest in the game, at 5 seconds. With their high defenses, it is possible but very difficult to kill a Stone Cobra, so it is best to just run past them and ignore them.

Player ImprovementEdit

It is a waste of time and resources to attempt to kill a Stone Cobra. The experience and jewels offered are entirely out of proportion with the effort needed to defeat one.