Sterling is a boss in Gothica, fought at Gomi Tower.


Sterling looks like Timberdrake, but is far stronger. He uses Fireball, its casting signalled by a roar, and will pick up the player in his claws and drop them off the tower, dealing damage to them and forcing them to climb back up. Sterling can use Fireball even while the player is on these lower platforms, and his Fireball is quite a bit more powerful than Timberdrake's.

The fight is manageable; while Fireball hits hard, it is unlikely to kill the player as long as they stay on top of healing, and the drop down the tower is more a nuisance than a threat. The player should use alchemy to fight, as Sterling has low magic defense. If the player is annoyed by Sterling dropping them down the tower, they can stay on the lower area beneath the top and cast alchemy from a safe distance. Keep in mind though that Sterling can still hit with Fireball.

Player improvementEdit

After Sterling is taken care of, the player receives 3,200 experience points and 2,000 gold coins. Gomi also gives the player the Lightning Storm formula and then makes Sterling drop off the player in Ivor Tower Sewers. Note that this trip is a one-time only service.


  • Sterling is the only boss in the game that does not die upon defeat, and in fact helps the player out immediately after the fight.

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