"Hack and slash with this ancient claw."

The Spider's Claw is the axe-type weapon of Prehistoria. It is acquired at the Bugmuck by defeating Thraxx, and is implied to be the husk of one of its claws.

The Hero wielding the Spider's Claw.

The Spider's Claw is the first bladed weapon the player acquires, and thus is able to cut down bushes blocking the player's path, necessary to explore many areas in Prehistoria. It also has quite higher power than the Bone Crusher, making it an excellent weapon for the era. As a slight downside, its normal attack is slightly slower than the Bone Crusher.

The Spider's Claw's level 2 attack is to step forward while swinging overhead twice. Its level 3 attack has the Hero throw the axe, which circles around him slowly and then returns to his hand.

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