The Southern Jungle is a region in Prehistoria. It is located directly south of Fire Eyes' Village and connects to Strong Heart's hut.


The Hero and his Dog crashed in the Southern Jungle after being sent down from Omnitopia. The hero questioned if the Dog was his due to its unfamiliar appearance, and had it fetch a stick to see. The dog returned with an old femur, and the hero accepted this and set out to explore the area. The two fought their way through the jungle to the north, finding Fire Eyes' Village.

Later in the game, with the Spider's Claw, the hero could return to the jungle and chop down the plants barring his path in order to visit Strong Heart in his hut, where he gave the hero the Cure formula. After acquiring the Windwalker from Tinker, a return visit to Strong Heart resulted in them learning Miracle Cure.

According to Cecil Harvey, sometime between the hero's arrival on Evermore and their journey to Ebon Keep, he journeyed into the southern jungle, where he found and repaired the hero's bazooka.





  • 50 Talons (defeat Raptors)
  • Petal (defeat Raptors)



After Thraxx is defeated, Strong Heart can be found in his hut. His ingredients for sale change when the player returns to the region after defeating Mungola in Gothica. He is one of only two merchants in the game to stock the rare ingredient Vinegar; the other, Madronius, is inaccessible after defeating Aegis.

Before GothicaEdit

Oil 60 Talons
Root 60 Talons
Water 30 Talons
Wax 80 Talons

After GothicaEdit

Oil 80 Talons
Root 50 Talons
Water 40 Talons
Wax 100 Talons
Vinegar 90 Talons



Southern Forest