Sons of Set are humanoid enemies who lived in and around the Great Pyramid on the Western Bank in Crustacia.

Sons of Set should not be confused with the more dangerous Sons of Anhur.


Sons of Set are somewhat dangerous because of their relatively high health and their ability to inflict poison on the player. They often appear with other sons of Set, and often along the narrow walkways of the pyramid, so care must be exercised when dealing with them. They only have a close range attack, however, which gives the player an advantage.

Player ImprovementEdit

Sons of Set offer a fair amount of experience, equal to a Rogue and Mad Monk combined, though they do not offer a great amount of jewels. They are a fairly good choice for levelling up, though the player may wish instead to fight Mummy Cats, which offer more experience and money, or Bone Buzzards, which offer more than double the experience of Sons of Set.


Set is the Egyptian god of storms, the desert, and chaos, among other domains.

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