The Sons of Anhur are enemies found in Antiqua. A pair of them are faced as mini-bosses in the Great Pyramid, and they later appear as normal enemies.


The Sons of Anhur faced in the Great Pyramid as mini-bosses have increased HP, 500. They move and attack slowly, with the only concern being their attack animation lasts long enough to potentially strike again if the player dodges it at first. The player should have no trouble defeating them even with normal attacks; charged attacks and high-level alchemy help end the fight quickly. They do not inflict Poison like Son of Set do.

Player ImprovementEdit

The Sons of Anhur fought in the Pyramid leave the Bronze Axe, 250 exp, and 250 jewels. They are the most profitable normal enemy in the game in terms of money; no other enemy encountered outside of boss battles leaves as much money as the Son of Anhur. This makes the Great Pyramid the optimal place to grind for money late in the game. The Sons of Anhur appear alongside Oglins, which also leave a lot of money.


Anhur is an early Egyptian war god.

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