Sidney Ruffleberg is the creator of Evermore and ruler of Omnitopia. He is the mastermind of the original experiment that trapped him and his three friends in Evermore.


Sidney Ruffleberg was a brilliant scientist and inventor that lived in Podunk. By 1965, he had built a machine that could teleport people to worlds created from their thoughts and imaginations, which he called Evermore. Sidney gathered three close friends - his granddaughter Elizabeth, the curator of the Podunk Museum of Natural History Horace Highwater, and the Podunk librarian Camellia Bluegarden - to test his machine. However, something went terribly wrong and the four were stranded in Evermore. For 30 years Ruffleberg tried without success to find a way to return them to the real world.

In 1995, the Hero and his Dog stumbled into Ruffleberg's mansion and found the machine that sent them into Evermore. The hero caught a glimpse of Ruffleberg as Carltron herded him into an escape pod to leave the area. The hero also remembered Ruffleberg's name, and believed he was the key to finding a way home. As the hero quested across Evermore, Ruffleberg watched his adventures on his monitoring equipment. During this time Ruffleberg became aware that Carltron, his robotic butler, was behind the troubles of Evermore and the saboteur that had trapped them all in the created world.

Eventually the hero made his way back to Ruffleberg's lab and the two met face-to-face at last. Ruffleberg explained about Carltron, and that with all his plans foiled, he had retreated to his lair in the center of Omnitopia to plan his next move. Ruffleberg believed he could now send them all home, but first Carltron had to be disposed of to stop any interference he might attempt. With Ruffleberg's help, the hero entered Carltron's lair, destroyed his robots, and Ruffleberg deactivated Carltron himself.

With Carltron gone, Evermore began to be wracked by cataclysms. Ruffleberg deduced that it was because the world was unstable with Carltron's evil influence removed, and the leaders of Evermore had to remove their own influence or else Evermore would be destroyed. The hero rounded up the other three leaders, and together the group returned to the real world. Ruffleberg was last seen on the balcony of his mansion in Podunk.


He provides the player with the Call Up formula, when the player meets up with him again in Omnitopia. After the player returns to him with the Energy Core, he will also give the Energize formula.


When summoned using a Call Bead, Sidney is able to cast Restore, Disrupt, and Electra-bolt. In this he has a mix of abilities, with a powerful healing and attack ability and an ability to inflict Confound on enemies.


This alchemist is an NPC that gives the player two alchemy formulas. Strong Heart, Blimp, Madronius, the Drain alchemist, Sidney Ruffleberg and the Chessboard alchemist make up for a total of six such NPCs.