The Shopping District is a location in Omnitopia. It is accessed from chambers A2 and B2 in the Main District. Aside from Ruffleberg's Lab, it is the sole place in Omnitopia where one can purchase supplies, rest, and save their game.



The item vendor is the far-right hatch on the upper level.

Honey 120 Credits
Pixie Dust 450 Credits
Wings 120 Credits
Essence 90 Credits
Dog Biscuit 120 Credits


The ingredient vendor is the middle hatch on the upper level.

Mushroom 600 Credits
Iron 360 Credits
Gunpowder 3,000 Credits
Oil 160 Credits
Ethanol 200 Credits
Feather 2,000 Credits
Root 160 Credits

Armor Equipment and AmmunitionEdit

The equipment vendor is the far-left hatch on the upper level. In addition to armor, it sells ammo for the Bazooka in units of 10 shots. The armor sold here might be considered the most useless in the entire game as the player is very close to obtaining the next improved armor set for free, found in chests in Omnitopia.

Lightning Helm 9,000 Credits
Cyberglove 9,600 Credits
Magna Mail 9,000 Credits
Spot's Collar 6,000 Credits
Thunderball x10 300 Credits
Particle Bomb x10 600 Credits
Cryo-Blast x10 1,000 Credits


A Mechaduster in the lower level will repeat a sequence of colors, a hint to the security code in Security Access.

It is highly likely that the received sequence determines the sequence needed to input to unlock the boss room where the Face hides.