The Sandpits is a region in Prehistoria. It is located directly east of Fire Eyes' Village and connects to Bugmuck.


The Hero and his Dog travelled through the Sandpits to reach Bugmuck. Along the way they fell into the sand whirlpools, but it allowed them to find a cave where they received the rare Jaguar Ring. On the return from Bugmuck they travelled over the cliffs surrounding the Sandpits, using the Spider's Claw to hack apart the plants that had previously barred access to the cliffs.

Later, the two repeated the journey to search Bugmuck for parts for Tinker Tinderbox's rocket.

A landing clearing for the flying machines can be found north of the Sandpits, near the entrance to Fire Eyes' Village.

The Sandpits make a good place to level up early in the game; the Skelesnails in the area reward considerably more exp and Talons than other enemies, and spawn in large numbers if the player walks around the area to keep respawning them.






The merchant is in a cave cut off from the main area; the player must fall into the sandpits several times to be warped that at random. His items are more expensive than the merchant at Fire Eyes' Village, so the player should just buy a cheap item to get the Jaguar Ring, then head back to the village if they need to restock.

Petal 20 Talons
Nectar 200 Talons
Dog Biscuit 60 Talons
Essence 20 Talons
Pixie Dust 150 Talons


The alchemist is reached on the cliffs overlooking the region. After defeating Thraxx to reach the cliffs, the wall to the right of the pot with Wax in it can be walked through, allowing the player to find the alchemist. He gives the player the Acid Rain formula, and then sells ingredients. All of the alchemy ingredients sold by this alchemist are the cheapest prices in the game for them, making him the optimal place to stock up.

Ash 50 Talons
Clay 30 Talons
Crystal 60 Talons
Water 20 Talons
Wax 80 Talons



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