The sand spider is a native to the sandy regions of Antiqua. It can be found both in the desert of doom and on the Western Bank of Crustacia.


Sand spiders encountered in the Desert of Doom are best ignored, as the player should focus simply on crossing the desert while losing as little health as possible.

Those found on the West Bank are similar to widowmakers in that they are fast, and may inflict poison on the player.

Player ImprovementEdit

Sand spiders on the West Bank are found with Dancin' Fools and sons of Set. They have lower health than dancin' fools, but provide only a slight edge in experience and jewels. If levelling up in the central West Bank area, they player may freely focus on both types of enemy.

When levelling up in the immediate vicinity of the Great Pyramid, the player would do better to focus on the sons of Set, who offer much more experience and money than sand spiders.


There is a Sand Spider in the inn of Nobilia who hidden behind a stack of crates, following the spider will appear a friendly Rogue who gives the player the Atlas formula and also sells the Atlas Amulets needed to cast it.

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