Salabog is a giant water snake that lives in the Swamp in Prehistoria.


Salabog (Concept Art)

Concept art.

While wandering the swamp in search of Mud Peppers, the Hero and the Dog discovered Blimp's hut deep in the far reaches of the swamp. Blimp asked them to help him deal with the giant snake that had surrounded his hut, namely Salabog.

Eventually, the boy was able to subdue Salabog, and Blimp rewarded them with a Mud Pepper as thanks. Blimp kept the beast's head as a trophy, which he would later use to decorate the wall of his cave in Crustacia.


Salabog is a very difficult opponent, and is generally considered among the harder and more time-consuming bosses in the game. It emerges along the water in front of the swampland and hovers in place, then descends back into the water after a period of time and resurfaces elsewhere. Each time it surfaces it is accompanied by a roar and the screen shaking to let the player know it has arrived. Salabog has two attacks: it will snap its head forward to bite the player, signalled by its eyebrows moving and its movement stopping, and it will breathe fire, dealing damage and producing Will 'o Wisps.

The player must rely on alchemy and the charged Horn Spear to attack Salabog, as it is out of range of normal attacks. When it snaps its head forward it can be struck with melee blows, but the player must be cautious to avoid being hit and losing their chance to strike. If the player has not levelled up the Horn Spear, the fight is significantly more difficult, as Salabog has a lot of HP and it is unlikely the player has enough alchemy charges to defeat it using only alchemy. With the charged Horn Spear, the fight is still difficult, but manageable. Using Call Beads will help a great deal here. Focus on charging up the spear to attack and let the dog handle the Will 'o Wisps that appear.

Player ImprovementEdit

Salabog offers only 700 experience and a paltry 66 Talons, both less than earned from Thraxx.


If the player enters Blimp's hut using cheat codes to skip the fight, when they leave the Salabog will be considered "defeated" and the bridge out of the hut will be in place as though it was slain.