Ruffleberg's Lab is a location in Omnitopia. It is the home of Sidney Ruffleberg, located in chamber A4 of the Main District. Reaching the lab is the primary objective of the Hero for much of the game.


When the hero and his Dog first entered Evermore, they appeared from a teleporter in the lab. Carltron quickly herded the boy into the Aeroglider dock to keep him from disrupting the professor, and then had two Guardbots attack him. With a Bazooka in the room, the hero defended himself and escaped into the Aeroglider. The craft malfunctioned, and the two crashed on Prehistoria.

When the hero returned to the lab much later, Ruffleberg explained to them that Carltron was behind the evil in Evermore, attempting to take control of the world for himself. Ruffleberg directed the player to the Energy Core beneath the Chessboard, which could activate a teleporter to Carltron's Lair. Once Carltron was defeated, it was safe for Ruffleberg and his friends to return to Evermore, and the hero gathered them up from the surface so they could leave.





Ruffleberg's console sells the best equipment in the game.

Brainstorm 13,200 Credits
Virtual Glove 14,400 Credits
Virtual Vest 14,400 Credits
Spot's Collar 6,000 Credits


Rufflebergs Lab Map


A common rumor is that a merchant who sells Dry Ice is hidden in the lab. One way to find him goes that the player's Level must be a multiple of 5, and a cat will appear and chasing it will lead to the merchant. A related method claims this must be done when the player visits the lab for the first time, or else the merchant will never appear. So far, these rumors have not been substantiated.