Rimsala is a boss in Antiqua. Fought in the Great Pyramid, it guards one of the Diamond Eyes.



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Rimsala opens the fight by using Confound on the player. The Rimsala altar will rise into the ceiling, letting the Eye of Rimsala spin around the arena damaging the player on contact. Rimsala is aided by the four statues in the area that will use Flash. The statues are not true enemies and can be disabled with any alchemy attack, but will regenerate, signified by if they are lit up or not.

The pattern to fighting Rimsala is fairly simple; dodge the Eye as it moves about, then go all out when it returns to the altar. As long as the statues are disabled to keep them from interrupting the player's attacks, Rimsala should fall easily.

Player ImprovementEdit

For defeating Rimsala, the player receives 1,200 experience, 1,000 jewels, and one of the Diamond Eyes.

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