The Nobilia Colosseum is a location in Antiqua. It is a sublocation of Nobilia.


The Hero was chosen by his Dog, revered in Nobilia as a sacred animal, to compete in the colosseum by the current champion, Vigor. The hero defeated Vigor, and was appointed to retrieve the Diamond Eyes for the ruler of the city in recognition of his power.




In addition to the following items, three pots in the Colosseum hold levelled armor pieces, one each for body armor, wrist armor, and head armor. Each holds the next strongest armor the player does not have; for example, the Bronze Armor if the player does not already have it, the Stone Vest if they do, and the Centurion Cape if they have both Bronze Armor and Stone Vest. If the player has all three pieces of an armor, the wrist armor and head armor pots have 100 Jewels, and the body armor pot has the Thug's Cloak.



Colosseum GroundsEdit

Colosseum InteriorEdit

Colosseum ArenaEdit


  • Outside the Colosseum the player can find a boulder. Using Levitate on it prompts Tiny to appear, and in exchange for a Tapestry, he will throw the boulder away, unlocking a new area at the Cliff when the player returns there.
  • Terra Branford, Locke Cole, Strago Magus, Relm Arrowny, Mog, and Umaro from Final Fantasy VI can be seen in the Colosseum audience.
Colosseum Hidden Message

The locked door

  • Normally the guard won't allow the player to approach the Colosseum doors. Using cheats to bypass him doesn't help, as the door is locked.