Nobilia is a region in Antiqua. It is located on the north of the Desert of Doom. The town also holds the Nobilia Colosseum and the Nobilia Marketplace.


The Hero came to Nobilia while exploring Antiqua. Here he heard that a "sacred dog" had arrived, and a colloseum fight was to be held in its honor. The hero found that the sacred dog was his own Dog, now transformed to look like a greyhound identical to the town statue. After winning the colloseum fight, the boy was told that the new ruler of Nobilia wished him to seek out the Diamond Eyes, and would send him home if he did.

After finding the Diamond Eyes and accidentally turning them over to Horace's evil twin, the hero returned and watched as the clone used the Diamond Eyes to transform the town statue into a monster, Aegis. The hero defeated Aegis, and the town strongman, Tiny, threw its volatile Energy Core away to prevent it from exploding and destroying the town.

Later, the hero returned to Nobilia, now under the command of Horace Highwater, to retrieve the Diamond Eyes. Horace gave the hero the Barrier formula and told him about Tiny taking the Diamond Eyes and taking control of the Oglins in the Great Pyramid.







The item seller is located in a shop off the town square. Going through the item shop is the only way to reach the market traders that trade the Jeweled Scarab and the Limestone Tablets.

Nectar 40 Jewels
Honey 300 Jewels
Dog Biscuit 40 Jewels
Wings 50 Jewels
Essence 30 Jewels
Pixie Dust 125 Jewels

Amulet SellerEdit

Behind a stack of crates in the item shop, a rogue will give the player the Atlas formula, and sell them the Atlas Amulets needed to use it. The rogue charges 100, 150, and 200 Jewels for each Amulet bought, and will not appear if the player has three or more.


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Town SquareEdit

Palace EntranceEdit

Nobilia Palace Map 1

Palace GroundsEdit

Nobilia Palace Map 2


  • In the palace on the return trip to Antiqua, the Hero can follow a hidden path in the left pool to find a stash of 2,500 Gold Coins. In some versions of the game the hero dives under the water to find them.