"The ultimate sword, forged from neutronium."

The Neutron Blade is the sword-type weapon of Omnitopia. It is acquired in the Boiler Room by freeing IM-L8 from its cell.

The Hero wielding the Neutron Blade.

The Neutron Blade has more power than any of the player's other melee weapons at the time, tying the Atom Smasher and Laser Lance. Received early in Omnitopia and sometime before the other two weapons, it makes a useful weapon for the world and a good companion into the final battle due to its high damage output.

The Neutron Blade, together with the Silver Sheath (which is always active, because of a bug), has the highest damage (50 + 25%) out of all weapons, excluding the Bazooka. It is also unique in the fact that whilst all other weapons are only 10 damage points higher than their earlier form, the Neutron Blade is 20 damage points higher than the Crusader Sword, which has 30.

The Neutron Blade's level 2 attack is to step forward slightly while swinging twice. It's level 3 attack has the Hero raise the sword for a moment, then swing it around them several times, dealing damage to enemies around them and potentially hitting several times.

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