Megataur is a boss fought in the Hall of Collosia. It guards one of the Diamond Eyes.



Concept art.

Megataur is a very fearsome boss. It can use Crush, Drain, Confound, roll into the player rapidly for collision damage, and shake the ground to stun the player and deal pure damage. It also periodically rolls into a fire pit to vanish and then return, potentially avoiding attacks. Compounding all of this is its considerable 2,600 HP.

With its collision damage and fast movement, it is difficult, but not impossible, to nail the Minotaur down with physical blows. Charged attacks are the way to go, but the time spent charging them further makes it difficult to land a hit. The preferable strategy is to use alchemy; the Minotaur's magic defenses are low and alchemy spells like Crush, Fireball and Hard Ball, will find it much easier to connect than the player's weapons.

Player ImprovementEdit

Once the battle is over, the player receives 2,500 experince points, along with 3,000 jewels and one of the Diamond Eyes.


  • The Megataur uses a modified Magmar sprite, and similarly rolls into a ball to move around as well.