Magmar is a rock creature that inhabits the magma of the Volcano in Prehistoria.


Magmar (Concept Art)

Concept art.

After learning from Elizabeth that the Volcano that provides heat to the village was cooling, the Hero went north in search of the cause, in the hopes that he could find a way back to Podunk. In the Volcano, he found an evil twin of Elizabeth. She revealed her intent to cool the Volcano to cause an ice age, and then conquer Prehistoria with her army of Vipers. She then unleashed Magmar, her "pet rock," on him.

The boy eventually defeated Magmar, and the angered clone overloaded the Volcano, causing an eruption.


Magmar is quite quick and will attack by rolling and by casting Heat Wave, dealing fire damage to both the hero and the dog. Magmar also has a fire breath attack, where he will either shoot a wave of fireballs directly at the player, or shoot fire into the air that rains down on the player a few seconds later. After fighting for a period of time, Magmar will leap into the magma, recovering 80-100 HP, and then emerge later.

The player should keep their distance from Magmar and use charged Horn Spear attacks to damage it. This is also a good time to use up any Call Beads. As long as the player stays away from Magmar to avoid its rolling attacks, and watches its fire breath to avoid that as well, it is not too difficult an opponent to defeat.

Magmar only rarely uses Heat Wave if the player does not use any alchemy or Call Beads.

Player ImprovementEdit

Defeating Magmar rewards the player with 600 experience and 900 talons.

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