The following is a list of weapons obtained in the game. See their individual articles for more information.

Although the dog does not have access to any weaponry, he can gain attack experience towards a level 2 and level 3 attack, dealing 200% and 400% damage respectively. In Omnitopia the level 2 attack becomes, like a spear level 2, a ranged shot. At level 3, the toaster dog will shoot 3 shots. While in toaster form he also gains an extra 80 attack.

List of WeaponsEdit

Weapon Icon Power Acquired
Bone Crusher Bone Crusher 10 Southern Jungle
Spider's Claw Spider Claw 15 Bugmuck - defeat Thraxx
Horn Spear Horn Spear 20 Mammoth Graveyard - defeat Viper Commander
Gladiator Sword Gladiator Sword 20 Nobilia Colosseum - defeat Vigor
Bronze Axe Bronze Axe 25 Great Pyramid - defeat Sons of Anhur
Bronze Spear Bronze Spear 30 Hall of Collosia - defeat Mad Monk
Crusader Sword Crusader Sword 30 Dark Forest - defeat Bad Boy
Knight Basher Knight Basher 35 Ebon Keep - chest in Tinker's lab
Lance Lance Weapon 40 Dark Forest - defeat Timberdrake
Neutron Blade Neutron Blade 50 Boiler Room - rescue IM-L8
Atom Smasher Atom Smasher 50 Ebon Keep - chest in Tinker's lab after returning from Omnitopia
Laser Lance Laser Lance 50 Ruffleberg's Lab - container in rear room
Bazooka Bazooka Variable Ebon Keep - receive from Cecil Harvey