The Lance is the spear-type weapon of Gothica. It is acquired at the end of the Dark Forest by defeating Timberdrake.

Lance Hero

The Lance will be the most powerful spear-type weapon the player has for most of the rest of the game, as the Laser Lance, the next step up in power, is not acquired until very close to the end of the game. The ranged capabilities of the Lance must be weighed against the Bazooka, another ranged weapon the player will be acquiring shortly which has higher power. However, the player is soon to return to areas in Prehistoria and Antiqua where weaker enemies wait, so the Lance is more advantageous than the Bazooka for these segments due to its faster attacks and ability to hit multiple targets with its charged attacks.

The Lance's level 2 attack is to throw it forward slowly, striking the first enemy it hits. The spear will lose altitude when thrown horizontally. Its level 3 attack has the Hero wind up before throwing it, resulting in a longer lag before releasing the attack, but a faster-moving projectile with higher power and the ability to strike multiple targets.