"Pulverize your enemies with this antique armor-splitter."

The Knight Basher is the axe-type weapon of Antiqua. It is acquired at Ebon Keep Castle, in a chest in Tinker's lab.

The Hero wielding the Knight Basher.

The Knight Basher can break down stronger barricades than the Bronze Axe. This makes it easier to move through the Ebon Keep Sewers, where several heavy barricades block paths. The Knight Basher is also needed to reach Gomi Tower by breaking down the barrier outside the entrance to the sewers. There is another optional barricade found in the Oglin Hideout. The Atom Smasher, while stronger, cannot be used to destroy these stronger barricades.

The Knight Basher's level 2 attack is to step forward while swinging overhead twice. Its level 3 attack has the Hero throw the axe, which circles around him slowly and then returns to his hand.

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