Ivor Tower Castle is a location in Gothica. It is the seat of power for Ivor Tower, and includes the Ivor Tower Sewers in its layout. An eastern exit from the castle leads to the Chessboard.


The Hero was invited to attend a banquet held by Queen Bluegarden after his Dog won a pig race in the Ivor Tower Alley. Unbeknownst to the hero, his dog was to be the main course of the dinner. His dog fled the castle chef, Pierre, and ended up trapped in the castle's ventilation system. The dog eventually escaped and ran into the dining hall, crashing onto the table. The furious Bluegarden ordered the hero and the dog imprisoned.

After the hero escaped, the Queen called for an audience with him. She apologized for her overreaction to the chaos, and asked for his help in ridding Ebon Keep of a few stragglers that hadn't moved across the region with the rest of the kingdom.

When the hero learned the truth about the Queen, he returned to Ivor Tower to confront her. In a room adjacent to the throne room, the Queen had the giant puppets Old Nick and Mephista attack him, along with the monster Mungola. When Mungola was destroyed, the Queen leapt from her balcony in an attempt to crush the hero, but hit the floor and crashed through it and several other floors, finally destroying herself. The impact destabilized the castle, and the hero fled with the King as the passage to the throne room collapsed.




  • 10,000 Gold Coins (defeat Mungola)



An alchemist in the castle gives the player the Fire Power formula and sells ingredients. To access the alchemist, the player must find the Queen's Key in the air vents while exploring them as the dog. Turning the key over to the alchemist will unlock his services, but prevent the player from using the key to explore other rooms in the castle.

Acorn 120 Gold Coins
Brimstone 150 Gold Coins
Feather 1,000 Gold Coins
Iron 120 Gold Coins


While exploring the air vents as the dog, there is an old woman in the vents who will give them the Queen's Key. The Queen's Key will unlock every locked door in the castle, allowing the player to explore and loot freely. The key must be acquired as the dog, as they cannot re-enter the air vents once the player returns here. The Queen's Key in turn can be given away to the alchemist as told above.


It is possible to be softlocked in the Ivory Tower Jail, if the player rescues the Boy with the Dog as the last cell. Normally, the last cell will lead to Ebon Keep, but since that cell is a bit bigger and has an area behind it, there is no map transition the game can add to that cell. As a result, the player is unable to leave the room.