Ivor Tower Alley is a location in Gothica. It is a sublocation of Ivor Tower, accessed from the marketplace at the entrance to the town.

After Mungola is defeated, the alley, along with the rest of Ivor Tower, is abandoned, but the merchants in the alley do not move to Ebon Keep and vanish, along with the chance to procure their wares.


The Hero and his Dog visited the alley way to attend an exhibition akin to a freak show. While the hero was in the show, his dog was abducted by the people running the exhibition and dressed up in a pig mask to serve as an entrance. The dog broke free and sprinted down the alley, winning a pig race going on at the time. As a result, the hero won an audience with Queen Bluegarden.



Several people in the alley will trade Charms to the player; these trades may require items only acquired in Nobilia Marketplace, and as the alley cannot be revisited by the time the player can revisit Nobilia, they must bring the items with them to Gothica.

Additionally, there is an armor trader who will sell armor to the player for a pretty high price and an Amulet of Annihilation per piece.

Gold-Plated Vest 800 Gold Coins
Dragon Helm 700 Gold Coins
Magician's Ring 750 Gold Coins
Defender Collar 450 Gold Coins

Aside from selling the Insect Incense, the same trader will offer to sell the player Charms they have previously owned and traded away - the Silver Sheath, Armor Polish, Moxa Stick, Jade Disk, Ruby Heart, Sun Stone, and Magic Gourd will be sold.

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"Ivor Tower Alley"
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