Ivor Tower is a region in Gothica. It is the western keep of the two castles, the other being the eastern Ebon Keep.


The Hero and his Dog came to Ivor Tower to explore before they were given an audience with Queen Bluegarden.

At Ebon Keep, the queen Bluegarden told them the Queen of Ivor Tower was her evil twin that had taken control of the kingdom. The twin locked Camellia in the dungeon and moved the inhabitants of Ebon Keep to Ivor Tower by the time she had escaped. When the hero defeated the evil Queen, the residents of Ivor Tower returned to Ebon Keep.




Items and EquipmentEdit

The same merchant sells both items and equipment in the Inn.

Nectar 20 Gold Coins
Honey 40 Gold Coins
Dog Biscuit 40 Gold Coins
Wings 50 Gold Coins
Essence 30 Gold Coins
Pixie Dust 150 Gold Coins
Silver Mail 450 Gold Coins
Titan's Crown 600 Gold Coins
Defender Collar 450 Gold Coins
Iron Bracer 600 Gold Coins


One house is owned by a man named Lance, as informed by the other inhabitants of the house. If the player goes upstairs and leaves without taking anything, Lance will greet them. He gives the player the alchemy formula Lance and will sell them ingredients. Once Lance has appeared, the player can loot the chests in the room freely; looting them before leaving will result in no appearance from Lance.

Acorn 120 Gold Coins
Ash 60 Gold Coins
Brimstone 150 Gold Coins
Crystal 80 Gold Coins
Ethanol 60 Gold Coins
Iron 120 Gold Coins
Wax 60 Gold Coins

Market TradersEdit

In the market, several traders will exchange trade goods, including offering some Charms. These traders will also be present in Ebon Keep after defeating Mungola.