Horace's Camp is a region in Antiqua. It is located far east of Crustacia, and north of the Great Pyramid.


The Hero was brought here by Horace Highwater after falling into one of the pits in the area; alternatively, the player can find the camp themselves. Horace explained his team had dug the pits to keep scavengers out, as the ruler of Nobilia had posted a reward for the Diamond Eyes lost in the ruins. The hero agreed to bring the Diamond Eyes to Horace for safekeeping, and Horace had his alchemist, Madronius, teach the hero the Revealer formula that could show him hidden paths over the pits.

After the defeat of Aegis, its Energy Core landed north of the camp, blowing open an entrance to the Oglin Caves and drying up the river. With these events, Horace (and presumably Madronius) relocated to Nobilia.





Madronius will sell alchemy ingredients until Aegis is defeated. He gives the player the Revealer formula when spoken to the first time, and then Escape once the player retrieves one of the Diamond Eyes. Madronius is the only alchemist to sell Brimstone outside of Gothica, and sells it cheaper than merchants in that region. If the player plans to make use of the Fireball formula while in Antiqua, they will need to stock up here.

Ash 60 Jewels
Brimstone 180 Jewels
Oil 60 Jewels
Root 50 Jewels
Vinegar 100 Jewels
Wax 50 Jewels

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"Horace Highwater"
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