Welcome to the Secret of Evermore Wiki! If you're here, that means you're interested in editing, but aren't sure what needs to be done. Here's a quick rundown of how you can help contribute.

General Editing TipsEdit

Here's just some general things you can do while browsing the Wiki that can improve it.

  • If you see any typos, erroneous links, missing images, or just something that doesn't look right, feel free to fix it.
  • If there's something amiss you don't know how to fix, like a template, leave a comment on the article so someone else knows to have a look.
  • If there's an article you think we should have, but don't, or just have an idea for any sort of improvement, leave a message at our lead Admin's Message Wall.
  • Any missing information you know of that an article lacks.
    When adding such information, if possible, find a YouTube video that shows the information you've added, to confirm it is valid. The Dry Ice merchant is just a rumor, but if someone confirms his existence, we need direct proof.


The following are things the Wiki currently lacks.

  • Full maps of locations without annotations (ie, no maps like this with treasures or other information present).
  • More specific damage formulas for alchemy.
  • Item drops for enemies.
  • Strategy and walkthrough sections.
    Please keep a neutral POV and semi-formal tone when adding such information. Do not type "I prefer to use Crush on this enemy," type "Crush makes a good alchemy to use on these enemies."
  • Information given in developer statements or interviews that may not be presented.
    If you add such information, link to your source in the article's comments, so its authenticity can be verified; Evermore has seen a lot of rumors and this Wiki is only interested in facts.
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