The Great Pyramid is a location in Antiqua. It is located south of Horace's Camp and west of Crustacia. It is home to one of the Diamond Eyes.

Initially, many passages in the Great Pyaramid are sealed by false walls or barred gates. Sending the Dog into a lower door in the Pyramid brings it to a room where the Dog can step on switches to open barred gates for the hero to explore on his own. After defeating the Sons of Anhur and acquiring the Bronze Axe, the hero can chop down the stone walls to explore the rest of the pyramid and free his dog from the switch room. With dog in tow, the hero can go to the top level of the Pyramid and simultaneously trigger two switches to open the door to the dungeon's true boss, the Eye of Rimsala.


The Hero came to the Great Pyramid to find the first of the Diamond Eyes.

When Aegis' Energy Core was thrown towards Horace's Camp and exploded, the drained river revealed a cave that led to a new area of the Pyramid.

Some time after the defeat of Aegis, Tiny declared himself ruler of the Oglins and established a base in the Pyramid, also taking the Diamond Eyes from Nobilia. The hero confronted Tiny and he backed down, handing over the Diamond Eyes peacefully.





  • The Great Pyramid is home to the Regenerate formula. Uniquely, the spell is learned by Horace Highwater upon being found, and is not a formula the player can use.

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