The Frippo is a fairly large frog with a head vaguely similar to a hippopotamus. Frippos can be found in the Prehistoria Swamp.


Frippos are one of the two major enemies in the Prehistoria Swamp. Their diminutive size belies their ferocity. They will attack as soon as the player is in range, and can deal a fair amount of damage. Players should be ready to attack as soon as they are in range.

This monster has the -30 Hit % attribute. For more info about that attribute, go here.

Player ImprovementEdit

Frippo (Concept Art)

Concept art.

Frippos offer much less experience than Widowmakers, but are easier to hit, and cannot poison the player. When defeated Frippos offer slightly more money than Widowmakers.


Some frippos are linked to lily pad bridges, and must be killed before the player can activate and cross them. If a frippo is found near what appears to be a walkway into the swamp waters, the player should kill the frippo to confirm whether or not its death may activate a bridge.


Frippo is likely a combination of "frog hippo," referring to the monster's appearance.

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