"Small fireball"

Flash is an alchemy formula, the first formula learned by the player. It is taught by Elizabeth in Fire Eyes' Village.


Flash sends a slow fire projectile homing in on targets. It is less effective against fast enemies, as they may outrun Flash and it will disperse before it can catch them.

Given it is one of the earliest formulas received, Flash is also one of the weakest; only Hard Ball and Drain do less damage, on average.


Flash requires 1 part Wax and 2 parts Oil for each casting.

Lowest prices per region for each casting:

Region Oil Wax Total
Local Credits Local Credits Local Credits
Prehistoria Before Magmar 24 48 10 20 34 68
After Magmar 24 48 16 32 40 80
Antiqua Before Aegis 24 96 10 40 34 136
After Aegis 24 96 12 48 36 144
Gothica Before Mungola 32 256 12 96 44 352
After Mungola 32 256 12 96 44 352
Omnitopia 64 64 N/A N/A (96) (96)


Level Minimum damage Maximum damage
Level 0 13 26
Level 1 27 53
Level 2 45 88
Level 3 74 147
Level 4 101 201
Level 5 135 269
Level 6 176 350
Level 7 216 431
Level 8 253 505
Level 9 311 620


  • Flash, Hard Ball, Fireball and Flare are the only 4 formulas that need to travel a varying distance between caster and target, which results in its damage being delayed by a varying amount of time because of how far the missile had to travel.
  • The Flash missile is the slowest missile in the game. This allows the target to easily outrun the missile, which makes the missile eventually disappear, evading any damage it would have dealt with. This is particularly useful in the boss fight against Rimsala (Antiqua) or Face. It is possible that an enemy outruns a cast of Flash, but is very rare to happen.
  • In a normal run, the player will always unlock Flash, but it is possible to skip obtaining it by using the Dog-sniff exploit. This is done by entering the Eastern Jungle, by controlling the dog in a specific way. For a list of all possible dog-sniff exploits, go here.

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