Evermore was a fantasy world created by the experiments of Sidney Ruffleberg.

In 1965, Ruffleberg created an experimental device that could create worlds based on the thoughts and imagination of those that took part. For the experiment he chose his three closest friends - his granddaughter Elizabeth, the curator of the local museum Horace Highwater, the town librarian Camellia Bluegarden - and his robotic butler, Carltron. The world was Evermore was created from their minds and they entered into it.

The journey into Evermore was intended to be a simple experiment, only lasting a few hours. However, Carltron had sabotaged the experiment, stranding them in Evermore forever. What was worse, while their minds had conjured four regions, one for each of them to rule over, the evil influence of Carltron's mind created monsters to plague the four regions.

In 1995, a boy and his dog entered Ruffleberg's mansion and found their way into Evermore. After a long adventure, they defeated Carltron and deactivated him with Ruffleberg's aid. However, without Carltron's influence, the balance of Evermore was thrown off, and the world began to destabilize. The only option was to remove the influence of Ruffleberg and his friends as well. The four of them, along with the boy, his dog, and Carltron's deactivated body, were teleported out.

Even though its rulers and creators had left it, Evermore continued to exist without them.


Leaked Information

ItsBillsFault explaining the unused parts of the overworld.

  • On Evermore there are two islands that cannot be visited - an island with a ring of trees, and an island with a ring of mountains, seemingly a volcano. According to head programmer Brian Fehdrau, the developers had plans for at least one of the islands, but they were not implemented. A common and likely fan theory is that they were optional areas that had to be cut for time.