Elizabeth is Sidney Ruffleberg's granddaughter, the ruler of Prehistoria, and one of the four leaders of Evermore. Due to the way her glasses glow when she uses her fire-based alchemy powers, the villagers of Prehistoria call her "Fire Eyes."


30 years ago, Elizabeth was involved in the original experiment that created Evermore. She loved dinosaurs and cave people, and so Prehistoria was formed from her thoughts. When the experiment was sabotaged, Elizabeth was left to rule over the people of Prehistoria, using her alchemy powers to protect them from the dinosaurs of the area.

When the Hero arrived in Evermore and spoke to Elizabeth, asking how to return to Podunk, she requested his aid in rescuing the village alchemist, Strong Heart, from the Bugmuck. When the hero returned after the rescue, Elizabeth explained about the experiment with her grandfather, and that Evermore was a world of their creation. Elizabeth does not know for sure how to return to Podunk, but is suspicious about the Volcano; recently it has been cooling and she senses an outside presence is responsible somehow.

In the depths of the Volcano, the hero met Elizabeth's evil twin, and mistook her for Elizabeth. Elizabeth appeared before them and confronted her twin, who revealed her plan to plunge Prehistoria into an ice age so she and the Vipers could take over the area. Elizabeth vanished, leaving the hero to fight Magmar.

After the hero returned to Prehistoria using the Windwalker, he spoke to Elizabeth about his adventures, and asked for help finding debris from the Volcano to help Tinker build a rocket. Elizabeth directed him to the Volcano Slopes and Bugmuck, where most of the debris had fallen.

In the ending, Elizabeth accompanies the hero to Omnitopia and returns to the real world with the other leaders. She is last seen on the balcony of Professor Ruffleberg's Mansion.


When summoned using a Call Bead, Elizabeth is able to cast Flare, Heat Wave, Storm, and Life Spark. Her powers are primarily offensive-based, but are outclassed by stronger alchemy formulas acquired later in the game.

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"Fire Eyes"
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