Crustacia is a region in Antiqua. It is located far south of the Desert of Doom, between the Cliff and the Western Bank. It is a pirate town of ruffians constructed from the ruins of a pirate ship set against the cliff.


The Hero washed up on the shores of Crustacia after the Volcano erupted.




The equipment seller is located on the top deck of the pirate ship.

Bronze Armor 500 Jewels
Bronze Helm 450 Jewels
Serpent Bracer 450 Jewels
Spiky Collar 450 Jewels


The item seller is located on the eastern side of the town, in a cave.

Nectar 35 Jewels
Dog Biscuit 40 Jewels
Essence 25 Jewels

Amulet SellerEdit

In the far north-eastern cave, walking behind the crates triggers a conversation with a Mad Monk, who offers to sell the player an Amulet of Annihilation for 10,000 Jewels. If the player does this, the Monk also gives them a Charm they do not already have; by default if no other traded items are acquired yet, the player receives the Chocobo Egg. If the player does own the Chocobo Egg, they receive the Wizard's Coin; if they also own the Coin, they receive the Magic Gourd. If the player owns all three of these items, they receive 3 Meteorites.

The amulet seller does not appear if the player already owns an Amulet of Annihilation. If the player makes the purchase and gets rid of their Amulets, the seller will reappear. This is notably the only way to farm Meteorites, by continuously paying 10,000 Jewels to the amulet seller once all three of the Charms listed above are acquired.


  • The Rogue in the crow's nest is not an NPC, but an enemy: the player is able to target and kill it with alchemy.

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"Pirates of Crustacia"
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