"Deadly shower"

Corrosion is an alchemy formula. It is taught by an alchemist found in Ivor Tower Sewers. It can be considered a variant of Acid Rain, although it acts differently.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Corrosion deals 9-21 pure damage to all enemies on-screen and then deals continuous damage to them for 75 seconds, inflicting 4-11 damage every 2 seconds. This makes it similar to Slow Burn. Slow Burn, Corrosion, and Plague can stack with each other, but no single status can be duplicated. Damage done is pure and not reduced by any form of defense. The total damage it deals is about 300 on average, but can be close to 400 if the player is lucky/unlucky.

Corrosion is of little use, the major problem being that its damage does not increase as it levels up, and the damage it does is minimal. However, it does have a niche use in that it is the only alchemy formula the player gets that affects all enemies on-screen, while other formulas can only target up to three enemies. This makes Corrosion useful when facing multiple weak enemies (like Mosquito or Rat).

Due to the fact that the damage dealt of Corrosion is pure (not reduced by anything), and that it can stack with Slow Burn and Plague, it could be useful against certain enemies/bosses with high magic defense, if the player still wishes to use alchemy against them. When all 3 are used, the damage can reach as high as 24/second or 1440/minute.

It is used by Aquagoth and Mungola. It is a Status ailment and can be removed with any form of status healing.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Corrosion requires 1 part Mushroom and 3 parts Water for each casting.

Lowest prices per region for each casting:

Region Mushroom Water Total
Local Credits Local Credits Local Credits
Prehistoria Before Magmar N/A N/A 12 24 N/A N/A
After Magmar N/A N/A 12 24 (72) (144)
Antiqua Before Aegis N/A N/A 24 96 N/A N/A
After Aegis N/A N/A 24 96 (54) (216)
Gothica Before Mungola 60 480 30 240 90 720
After Mungola 50 400 21 168 71 568
Omnitopia 120 120 N/A N/A (144) (144)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Acid Rain, Revive, and Corrosion are the only 3 alchemy formulas in the game that require 3 of an ingredient.

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