The Cliff is a region in Antiqua. It is located directly east of Crustacia, connecting to the Desert of Doom. Blimp makes his home here after fleeing the Swamp.


The Hero came to the Cliff to speak to Blimp, who opened the path to the Desert of Doom for him.






Blimp lives on the cliff and sells alchemy ingredients. He gives the player the Crush formula, and later the Revive formula when they return with their Dog. Blimp is the only merchant in the game to sell Mud Peppers and Limestone.

Ash 60 Jewels
Crystal 80 Jewels
Bone 120 Jewels
Limestone 120 Jewels
Mud Pepper 300 Jewels
Oil 60 Jewels
Water 40 Jewels
Wax 60 Jewels


  • There is a ledge with 200 Jewels and a Call Bead that cannot be accessed. At Nobilia Colosseum, using Levitate on a boulder there has Tiny throw a boulder in exchange for a Tapestry. The thrown boulder lands near the ledge, allowing access.