The Chessboard is a region in Gothica. It is a human-sized chessboard located in the middle of a hedge maze, and serves as the connection between Ivor Tower and Ebon Keep. Passages in the chessboard lead down into the Dark Forest.


The Hero and his Dog came to the Chessboard to find a way into Ebon Keep. With the drawbridge up, they had to go down into the Dark Forest to enter Ebon Keep from the forest access.

Later, the two returned here to retrieve Aegis' dormant Energy Core, which had crashed beneath the Chessboard after Tiny threw it away.




Beneath the Chessboard, on the path to the Energy Core, an alchemist will give the player Force Field and, if the player has the Oracle Bone, Stop. He also sells Grease, the only merchant in the entire game to do so. However, the player should only buy Grease, as the alchemist's other stock is quite expensive; at 160 Gold Coins, his Crystals are the highest mark-up of any item or ingredient in the game.

This alchemist is an NPC that gives the player two alchemy formulas. Strong Heart, Blimp, Madronius, the Drain alchemist, Sidney Ruffleberg and the Chessboard alchemist make up for a total of six such NPCs.

Grease 80 Gold Coins
Iron 150 Gold Coins
Wax 100 Gold Coins
Crystal 160 Gold Coins