Cecil Harvey is a merchant that lives in Ebon Keep. He runs the inn and armor shop in the city.

Cecil is implied to be the character of the same name from Final Fantasy IV, another franchise published by Square. Cecil makes reference to several events of Final Fantasy IV when he meets the player.


Cecil sells armor, but not normal items.

Upon meeting him for the first time, Cecil will ask the hero if he recognizes him and refer to various events of Final Fantasy IV. Depending on how early the player tells Cecil that he remembers who he is, Cecil may give a slight discount on his armor. On the other hand, he may also charge slightly more if the player continually says he doesn't recognize him or his feats.

After buying at least one item, Cecil will gift the player the Bazooka as well as a single Thunderball round.

Shining Armor 900 Gold Coins
Knight's Helm 950 Gold Coins
Dragon's Claw 950 Gold Coins
Defender Collar 450 Gold Coins