Carltron's Lair is a location in Omnitopia. It is in the center of the Main District, only accessible via a teleporter in the Junkyard. It is the site of the final boss battle.


After the Hero and his Dog foiled Carltron's plans to take over Evermore, he retreated to his lair to plot his next move. Sidney Ruffleberg directed the player to the Chessboard, where the Energy Core of Aegis had landed. The Energy Core was retrieved and used to activate a teleported to Carltron's Lair.

The hero defeated Carltron's strongest servants, forcing Carltron himself to confront them. Before he could attack them, however, Ruffleberg arrived and deactivated him, finally putting Carltron's reign of evil to an end. However, without his influence, Evermore's balance was destabilized, and the world was wracked with cataclysms.


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"Final Battle ~ Carltron"
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