Camellia Bluegarden is a friend of Sidney Ruffleberg, the creator of Gothica, and one of the four leaders of Evermore.


30 years ago, Camellia was involved in the original experiment that created Evermore. Camellia was a the Podunk librarian at the time, and Gothica was formed from her thoughts, a medieval world of dragons and castles. Camellia became the Queen of the region, ruling from Ebon Keep. Despite being stranded in Evermore, Camellia was relatively happy with her circumstances.

Eventually an evil doppelganger of Camellia appeared in Ebon Keep. She imprisoned Camellia in the dungeon to take her place with no one realizing the switch, and presented the King with a hypnotic puppet show that put him in a trance. With the King and Camellia indisposed, the imposter was able to rule the kingdom unchecked. She moved almost all the residents of Ebon Keep to Ivor Tower across the ravine, leaving only Tinker and a few other Ebon Keep citizens in the town. Camellia was eventually freed from the dungeon, and continued to live in Ebon Keep Castle for several months.

When the Hero arrived in Gothica, he, like most of the residents, was deceived into thinking the imposter was the real Queen Bluegarden. The hero infiltrated Ebon Keep on orders from the imposter to lower the drawbridge so the troops of Ivor Tower could storm Ebon Keep. The hero ran into Tinker while exploring the castle, and Tinker introduced him to the real Camellia. Camellia explained about her evil twin and the hero returned to Ivor Tower to confront her.

During the ending, the frightened Camellia fled with the hero as Evermore began to destroy itself. Care of the castle and Ebon Keep were entrusted to Tinker and the King.


When summoned using a Call Bead, Camellia is able to cast Hypnotize, Plague, Shockwave, and Shield. Her abilities are leaned towards offensive support, inflicting enemies with status ailments.

Musical ThemeEdit

"Queen Bluegarden"
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