"Increments Call Bead max"

Call Up is an alchemy formula. It is taught by Sidney Ruffleberg in Ruffleberg's Lab. It is the only formula that requires two ingredients that are only used for that specific formula.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Call Up instantly adds a Call Bead to the player's inventory. There is little reason to take Call Up with them; the player can use it as often as they can upon receiving it to max out their Call Bead stock, and then swap it out for another formula.

Call Up's usefulness however is questionable due to the fact it uses the two rarest alchemy ingredients in the game, which cannot be purchased from any normal vendor. Thus the player is likely to only get a few uses out of Call Up anyway. Meteorite can be purchased from the Mad Monk at Crustacia, who will include some with your purchase of an Amulet of Annihilation. There is no known renewable source of Dry Ice.

The player can find more Dry Ice on Evermore than Meteorites. If they wish to use up all their Dry Ice, they will have to buy more Meteorites from the Mad Monk.

If the player has 99 Call Beads when using Call Up, they can exceed the item limit and have over 100 Call Beads at once.

Skipping Call Up[edit | edit source]

Although normally the player will always unlock Call Up, it is possible to skip meeting up with Ruffleburg in his lab and to enter the final battle with Carltron's Robot without have been done so.

By trying to enter the middle Omnitopia hatch to the room with Carltron with the Dog and doing it in a pixel perfect manner, this skip can be performed. This also means the player does not need the Energy Core back in Gothica.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Call Up requires 1 part Meteorite and 1 part Dry Ice for each casting.

Meteorites require 10,000 Jewels for every 3 Meteorites--in effect, about 16,667 Credits for each Meteorite. Dry Ice is, of course, not buyable.

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