Call Beads are a rare item found through the game. When used, the player can call upon the powers of one of the leaders of Evermore to use a powerful alchemy attack.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Call Beads cannot be purchased anywhere. The main way to acquire them is from the leaders of Evermore themselves: upon meeting them for the first time, they give the player Call Beads until they hold six. Elizabeth will give the player their first 6 Call Beads after they return from the Bugmuck after defeating Thraxx. Horace replenishes the player's Call Beads to 6 after defeating Aegis or gives the Staff of Life if the player has 6 or more, aside from what he gives the player on their first meeting.

The Call Up formula can create a free Call Bead. However, this spell is dependent on the maximum amount of Dry Ice the player can obtain, since it is the only ingredient that cannot be acquired infinitely, and in total there are only about 13 Dry Ice in the game.

The spawn point for infinite Call Beads.

At the entrance to the palace in Nobilia, above a snake statue against a wall, there is a spot where the player can find infinite Call Beads, filling up their amount of Call Beads until they have 99. Afterwards no more Call Beads can be found here. This can only be done on the second visit to Antiqua, after acquiring the Windwalker. The Call Beads will only be infinite if the player has not picked up any other loot item since last loading the game; if they do, only one Call Bead will be received and no more can be found. Revisiting the area again later will allow the infinite Call Beads to be acquired still, as long as this guideline is followed.

Chest Locations[edit | edit source]

Call Beads are rarely found inside chests/containers; Prehistoria has 4 such containers, Antiqua the most with 9, and Gothica has 2. Omnitopia has none, but the player can acquire the Call Up formula there.

Call Beads can be found in the following locations:

  • Fire Eyes' Village - 1x in Elizabeth's hut after receiving Call Beads from her (otherwise will contain 1x Dog Biscuit).
  • Fire Eyes' Village - 1x in the western area with the Defend alchemist after receiving Call Beads (otherwise will contain a Dog Biscuit).
  • Swamp - 1x to 3x in a chest near the exit to Blimp's house. A Frippo nearby must be killed to make the path to the exit appear, so the chest is not easy to miss.
  • Volcano - 1x in a hidden passage near the entrance.
  • Nobilia Colosseum - 2x in a hidden passage to the west in the room before the fight with Vigor. Two chests here each contain one Call Bead.
  • Cliff - 1x to 3x, must have Tiny throw a boulder from Nobilia to reach it.  To get 3 call beads out of the pot, any ingredient with a post-incrementor of 2 needs to be picked up first; the Brimstone loot below the southern pot qualifies.
  • Great Pyramid - 1x on the western side of the lower floor, in one of two containers near the Stone Cobras, 1x in a container on the lower floor near the blocked doorway the player destroys to release the Dog, and 1x or 2x in the northeastern area of the upper floor. When returning to the Great Pyramid to get the Diamond Eyes from Tiny, 1x Call Bead is in a container in the southwest part of the chamber.
  • Hall of Colossia - 1x in the upper-left room (the first entered from the main hall).
  • Oglin Hideout - 3x right before Aquagoth, next to the teleporter.
  • Ivor Tower Sewers - 2x near the Corrosion alchemist.
  • Ebon Keep - 1x in the dining room

NOTE: Some quantities above vary because many map screens in this game implement a loot scripting system where multiple chests or hidden ingredients on the map have no specific quantities of their own (save the very first retrieved, which defaults to 1) due to lacking pre-incrementors, but rather set a post-incrementor to govern the quantity of the next found item.  This introduces some variety in item yields, while still keeping the total quantity of the map's recovered items in a tight range.  The system is primarily just done for ingredients, but occasionally Items proper like Call Beads are included in it.

Monster Prize Chain Exploit[edit | edit source]

A player chaining a 20 Talon prize with the Call Bead chest, looting for 20 in amount.

It is actually possible to get more than the intended amount of Call Beads from a chest. The Call Bead chest in the Swamp is a good example. If the player loots a 20 Talon Monster Prize from a monster, the next chest or ingredient sniff spawn they collect here will yield 20 in amount. The player only has exactly 1 second's time to chain this, however. Note that this exploit will not work if the Call Bead chest is assigned a fixed quantity by way of a pre-incrementor (there are 4 such chests in total).

This is not possible for many (Call Bead) chests, as the player will not encounter any enemies at their location, or the Monster Prize does not have any Currency in it. The following Call Bead locations are possible, though:

Region Room Location Amount
Prehistoria Swamp North-eastern chest 20 Call Beads
Antiqua Cliff Eastern chest (Rock Boulder required) 75 Call Beads
Antiqua Great Pyramid Lower floor, western chest 90 Call Beads
Antiqua Great Pyramid Lower floor, middle chest 90 Call Beads
Antiqua Hall of Collosia North-western room, south-western chest 50 Call Beads
Gothica Oglin Hideout South-western chest 65 Call Beads

By using the no-clip cheat code, the Call Bead chest in the Volcano entrance room could also yield 15 Call Beads, by bringing a Viper closer to the chest, from the second floor.

Call Bead Farming[edit | edit source]

A player receiving a Call Bead prize from a Rat.

Call Beads can be infinitely farmed as a very rare Monster Prize in certain locations. These locations are:

The rate is always 2/132, except for Gomi Tower being 1/131. Expressed in percentages: 1.52% and 0.76%. All enemies found in these locations leave behind a Monster Prize at a rate of 6.25%; for the Mosquitoes, this is half at 3.125%.

This means that the player would have to kill about 1,050 enemies to receive one Call Bead on average. When using Alchemy, this is ideally done in Ebon Keep Dark Passageways, as the player will easily find packs of 3 Rats. The stairways under the Chessboard is a slower alternative, but the player will also receive 400 experience for killing the Skullclaw (Gothica) here. Tinker Tinderbox and Lance (Character) can provide the player with the ingredients needed and are close by. The player can expect to farm 1 Call Bead every 2 to 3 hours, depending on how quickly they can kill enemies and how lucky they are with the loot. For more information about this, go here.

Alchemy Counterparts[edit | edit source]

Most Call Bead spells the leaders of Evermore can use, can be approximated by the player's own alchemy formulas and/or items. The exceptions are Confound, Time Warp, Shield, and Disrupt, which have unique effects. Aura is also unique, but Barrier pretty much has the same effect. Heat Wave and Shockwave hit all enemies not limited to just three, an effect only shared by Corrosion; however, Corrosion is fairly weak compared to Shockwave.

List of Call Bead formulas[edit | edit source]

In total there are 16 Call Bead spells that the player unlocks every time they meet a new Evermore leader. Their effectiveness increases depending on which leader is used, from weakest to strongest/most useful. The Regenerate and Aura spells must be unlocked first in order for the player to be able to use them.

Power Calculation[edit | edit source]

For the call bead spells Heat Wave, Storm, Flare, Shock Wave, and Electra-Bolt, the power listed below is a minimum. If the player has learned an attack alchemy (11 total; excludes Corrosion and both Drain spells) whose power (alchemy power * level multiplier) is higher than that minimum, the call bead power will be equal to the highest such power among alchemy spells the player has. The same mechanic applies to the healing call bead spells Life Spark and First Aid, which use the power of Heal and Super Heal.

Step 1: Power = (Alchemy power * level multiplier) / (1 + number of targets) for alchemy.
Power = (Call bead power * 2) / (1 + number of targets) for call beads.

Step 2: Power = random number from ceiling(Power/2) to Power-1.

Step 3: Damage dealt = (Power * (64 - target mdef)) / 64 for spells that deal damage. Healing and buffing do not use this step.

Alchemy Power[edit | edit source]

Acid Rain: 17
Atlas: 25
Barrier: 25
Call Up: 0
Corrosion: 25
Crush: 62
Cure: 0
Defend: 15
Double Drain: 50
Drain: 25
Energize: 0
Escape: 0
Explosion: 87
Fireball: 62
Fire Power: 112
Flash: 27
Force Field: 0
Hard Ball: 21
Heal: 32
Lance: 50
Levitate: 0
Lightning Storm: 87
Miracle Cure: 37
Nitro: 112
One Up: 0
Reflect: 0
Regrowth: 2
Revealer: 0
Revive: 12
Slow Burn: 1
Speed: 25
Sting: 75
Stop: 0
Super Heal: 62

Level Multiplier[edit | edit source]

Level 0: 2
Level 1: 4
Level 2: 7
Level 3: 11
Level 4: 15
Level 5: 20
Level 6: 26
Level 7: 32
Level 8: 39
Level 9: 46

Call Bead Power[edit | edit source]

Life Spark: 200 *
Heat Wave: 225 *
Storm: 225 *
Flare: 150 *
Time Warp: 0
First Aid: 400 *
Confound: 12
Regenerate: 0
Aura: 50
Shock Wave: 281 *
Shield: 62
Plague: 40
Hypnotize: 62
Disrupt: 200
Restore: 12
Electra-Bolt: 331 *

* Minimum value; subject to upgrade from comparable alchemy.

Call Bead Spell List[edit | edit source]

Elizabeth[edit | edit source]

Horace[edit | edit source]

Camellia[edit | edit source]

Sidney[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Extra Call Bead Spells.png

  • The Secret of Evermore Official Player's Guide claims that there are 2 extra Call Bead spells, provided by Camellia and Sidney. This is however false and they cannot be found in the code of the game.
  • The Aura Call Bead spell can be looted from its chest in Gothica, even if the player has not yet met or spoken to Horace (though this is only possible through cheats). The player will receive the spell and a message, even though they cannot access Horace's Call Bead spells. By contrast, the Regenerate container cannot be looted until the player has met and spoken to Horace about his discoveries on Call Beads. Trying to do so will give the "won't open" message.

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