The Bugmuck is a region in Prehistoria. It is located far south-east of Fire Eyes' Village, beyond the Sandpits. A tar swamp where many animals have died, it is famous to the villagers for being plentiful with rare alchemy ingredients.


The Hero and his Dog came to the Bugmuck searching for Strong Heart after he went missing. In the lair of Thraxx, the hero killed the giant bug and took the Spider's Claw as a reward, using it to free Strong Heart from the beast's webbing.

When the Volcano erupted, debris from it crashed in the Bugmuck. The hero returned to find parts for Tinker Tinderbox's rocket, and found the required Wheel in Thraxx's lair after defeating a new bug, Coleoptera.





  • Spider's Claw (defeat Thraxx)
  • 10 Wax (save Strong Heart)
  • 10 Oil (save Strong Heart)
  • Wheel (defeat Coleoptera)



A cave in the area hosts an alchemist that sells ingredients and gives the player the Hard Ball formula. This alchemist sells Wax and Oil at the cheapest prices in the game, making him a good place to stock up if the player plans to use Flash often. By association, the merchant is a good place to grind up Flash since he sells both the needed ingredients.

Oil 60 Talons
Water 30 Talons
Wax 80 Talons
Crystal 60 Talons


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"Bugmuck Tar Pits"
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