The Bronze Axe is the axe-type weapon of Antiqua. It is acquired at the Great Pyramind by defeating the Sons of Anhur.

Bronze Axe Hero

The Bronze Axe is heavy and sturdy enough to crush barricades. This is necessary to complete the Great Pyramid by smashing down some blocked doorways. The axe can also be used to break rocks found on the Western Bank, allowing access to some new items, and also opening a cave with an alchemist that teaches the Drain and Double Drain formulas. The Spider's Claw and Atom Smasher cannot crush barricades.

The Bronze Axe's level 2 attack is to step forward while swinging overhead twice. Its level 3 attack has the Hero throw the axe, which circles around him slowly and then returns to his hand.


Uncrushable Barricade

There is one barricade that cannot be crushed, although the Bronze Axe cannot be owned at this point, except by using cheats. It can only be crushed by standing on the tile.