The Bone Buzzard is an enemy found in Antiqua, most prominently in the Desert of Doom.


The Bone Buzzards fly around, swooping down to attack the player and then flying away. They are agile and small, making it difficult to hit them with normal weapons. However, they are very vulnerable to alchemy; due to their negative alchemy defense, alchemy does double damage against them. Alchemy also has the advantage that they are unlikely to avoid it. Crush and Hard Ball are very effective.

Player ImprovementEdit

The Bone Buzzard doesn't drop much money, but gives a very good amount of experience for when it is encountered.

If the player wants to powertrain, the Bone Buzzard is a good choice. The Crush formula can kill them easily and the ingredients for it are easily purchased from Blimp, who is nearby. With the ingredients for Crush costing 36 Jewels per cast, player can level up Crush for profit by killing Bone Buzzards, especially if they cast Crush on three of them at a time.

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